IVOVITAL sunflowerlecithin is THE alternative to soy-lecithin

Today, this is more important than ever: food-intolerance is a companion of many of our customers. Sunflowerlecithin is the best alternative to soy-lecithin to benefit from all the advantages lecithin offers and without having to fall back on soy-lecithin. All the disadvantages that can be evoked by soy-lecithin can be avoided that way. Sunflowerlecithin is gained completely herbal from sunflower-seed. The extraction is carried out by “cold pressing” – that way, we make sure to preserve all the important nutrients and at the same time we do not have to use chemical separation.

But how does one develop a soy intolerance?

In the last decades, the soybean has more and more become a staple food and can be found in several products. Flour, lecithin, oil – you cannot think of the modern kitchen without mentioning soy and thus it is hard to avoid it. This is why soy often becomes an invisible trigger for allergies.

But the consequences are not quite as invisible. Sickness, vomiting, diarrhea and even neurodermatitis can be signs of a soy-allergy. Adults can even suffer from asthma. The severity of the intolerance reaches from light sensitivities to anaphylactic shocks – never underestimate a soy-allergy! Sunflowerlecithin is a very good alternative to soy-lecithin.

There is not much that helps against a soy-intolerance but a complete dietary change. For that, it is vital to ban soy-flour or food with lecithin from soybeans from your kitchen. Unfortunately, the soy-origin is not always labeled acceptably.

If you know that you have a soy-allergy but you don’t want to give up on the advantages that lecithin offers you and your health, choose sunflowerlecithin. IVOVITAL guarantees purest sunflowerlecithin without contamination with soy and canola.

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