Baking with lecithin or sunflowerlecithin

Deoiled sunflowerlecithin (NON-GMO) can be used everywhere soy-lecithin is used as well. As an emulsifier, it combines water and oil. That makes the texture creamy. Because of that, sunflowerlecithin can be used in a great variety in chocolate, desserts, creams, quiches, nut-cheese, dips, etc.

For producing chocolate, lecithin is a must-have and easy to use. Simply give one spoon of lecithin into the warm cocoa-lump. The lecithin is proportionately mixed with raw protein powder so that it does not agglomerate. The protein powder acts as a natural seperating agent.

The emulgator lecithin (E322) is a helper to combine water and oil to a fine mixture (emulsion) and to stabilise it. It can also mix unsoluble materials in a liquid to stabilise a suspension. This is interesting for the new “molecular kitchen”. You can find some recipes in our recipe-corner.

What is lecithin?

Lecithin is the name for a group of chemical compounds, the phosphatidylcholins. These are lipids or phospholipids that are built of fatty acids, glycerin, phosphor and cholin. Lecithins are components of the cell membranes of animals and plants. They are found in fats and oils, especially in egg yolk.

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