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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is my data distributed to third parties?

No, we do not pass your information on to third parties.

What happens after payment?

After paying for your sunflowerlecithin, you will receive a confirmation-email. You will also get an email when the package is provided with a tracking-number. That way, you will always know when your lecithin will be delivered.

Do I receive a bill?

Yes, it will be sent to you via email.

What is the difference between sunflowerlecithin and soy-lecithin?

Sunflowerlecithin is gained from sunflower seeds. As there are no genetically modified sunflower-fields, all of our sunflowerlecithin is GMO-free. Compared to soy-lecithin, sunflowerlecithin does not evoke allergic reactions and is thus allergen-free.

Is lecithin vegan?

Not every lecithin is vegan, many lecithin-offers are mixed with additives and vehicles. Also lecithin in gelantine-pills are not vegan. We offer pure, deoiled lecithin that is a hundred percent suited for a vegan nutrition.

What is „sunflowerlecithin“ in other languages?

International names for sunflower lecithin: lecitina di girasole, lecitina de girassol, solroslecitin, solsikke lecithin, слънчоглед лецитин, Sonnenblumenlecithin, sunfloro lecitino, лецитин подсолнечника

May pregnant women consume lecithin?

Yes, it even improves the pregnancy. It is even suited for babies. Sunflowerlecithin is gained purely herbal and possesses no side effects. It should be consumed in the recommended dosage, though.

How do I store the lecithin?

Lecithin consists 90% of healthy, saturated fatty acids. To guarantee the quality and best before date, it is important to store the product in a cool and dry place after using it.

What does „NON-GMO“ mean?

„Non-GMO“ is short for „Non Genetically Modified Organism“ and means that no genetically modified seed has been used to fabricate the product.

Who we are

We are a niche market player from Buchholz in der Nordheide, near Hamburg, Germany and try to make the world a healthier place.

That is a goal we pursue every day – with expertise, service and best quality. To achieve these high aims, we specialised in lecithin, because it combines the latest medical research with established methods and the nature’s versatility.

We only offer lecithin that went through strict controls to assure purity requirements and lecithin without additives.

Ivovital®  – best in lecithin. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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