How to choose the best lecithin supplement

If you want to find out what is the best lecithin supplement for you, there are several aspects to consider: the source of the supplement, the dosage and so on.

Lecithin is often chosen as a dietary supplement to provide lipid fats needed for building every type of cell membrane in the body. It is also known to reduce cholesterol as it helps the degestive system to mix it with fat for easier removal from the body. In this case, lecithin acts as a natural fat emulsifier.

Besides commercial supplements, lecithin can be found in a variety of foods, such as eggs, animal organs, nuts, olives and fats in general. Nevertheless, people tend to use the dietary supplements instead of overusing the natural sources of lecithin, what, usually, is not a bad idea.

A very important choice you have to make when purchasing lecithin as a dietary supplement is the manufacturer. You should, for expample, pay attention to genetic modifications. Chose a manufacturer that guarantees non-GMO lecithin. Sunflowerlecithin is always non-GMO, as there are no genetically modified sunflower seeds. Unfortunately, more than 70% of soy-plantations modify their seeds genetically, so you will most likely not find any soy-lecithin that is non-GMO.

At IVOVITAL, we maintain high quality standards during each aspect of the production and can guarantee premium quality sunflowerlecithin.

Also note that the correct dosage of the lecithin can be crucial. We recommend to take a table spoon of lecithin per day, that corresponds to about 10 to 30 grams. Some manufacturers recommend a higher dosage, but too high of a dosage can result in stomach upset and diarrhea. Especially as sunflowerlecithin powder, you can allot the amount of lecithin you want to consume in a very good and easy way.

Lecithin helps you in different ways. Medical professionals advice people with liver dysfunctions, fatty siabetic liver and drug induced liver damage to take lecithin as a diatary supplement. Even for people with alcohol induced liver damage, lecithin can be a solution. Other studies show that lecithin helps in preventing gall stones and gall bladder disease. It is also good for the brain activity and provides a great amount of unsaturated fatty acids.