Organic Soya Lecithin, powder

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IVOVITAL organic soya lecithin is certified and guaranteed to be free of GM substances (non-GMO), i.e. made from non-genetically modified soya seeds. Organic soya lecithin powder is ideal for mixing into smoothies, muesli or yoghurt. Thanks to its emulsifying properties, it can also be used in baking and cooking and it is not just for amateur chefs who are perhaps making a solid yeast or a light bread dough.

It is guaranteed that the seeds used for this are not genetically modified. This is called being GM free or non-GMO. In organic soya lecithin by IVOVITAL there is no hexane, carrier substances or flavour enhancers, so it is very well suited to vegan diets. Our organic soya lecithin is also gluten free. We sell it in re-sealable, BPA free pouches.

And for producers of lecithin such as ice-cream parlours, chocolate manufacturers or bulk consumers, as a lecithin trader, we can also offer 3 different sizes of packaging: 5 kilos, 10 kilos or 15 kilos in a food safe container with security seal.

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